Mobile SDK's
With SDK's build from the ground up for iOS & Android (Coming Soon) you can add avatar support in all your apps in just a few short minutes.
User Control
Ovatar's in-build facial recongition means we can deliver detailed metrics about your user-base, such as age, gender and even ethnicity.
Phone Number Querying
You can query any ovatar by a valid email address or any global phone number.
Gain additional insight with metadata such as location, camera and device information. You can also add your own metadata when uploading new images. This is returned automatically without any additional requests

What real people are saying...

'Ovatar allowed us to get avatar support up-and-running in the Blrrd app in a matter of minutes, not days. And having access to a huge archive of public avatars from other sources meant much of our user base already had avatars registered to their email which helped users to better connect and resulted in a huge increase of user engagement.'
Emanuel Vila - CEO of Blrrd

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